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Bryan Halverson

Bryan Halverson has worked in the financial industry helping individuals, families and businesses for over two decades.  He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Utah State University and his undergraduate work included Business and Psychology minors from Brigham Young University.  He is constantly learning, reading and taking personal development courses to better help his clients.  He specializes in helping people shorten their learning curve to maximize the results in their financial and life goals.

  •  Masters in Business Administration (USU) and a minor in Psychology (BYU)
  • Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach & Financial Coach Master Training graduate
  • 21 years of Operations and Sales Management experience in the Financial Industry
  • Prior Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP) certification & 10 years of continuing education and personal development training

Lorianne Flint

Lorianne Flint is a Ramsey Preferred Coach and a graduate of Financial Coach Master Training. Her financial journey went from thinking she was making good money and didn’t need a budget, to realizing credit card debt was piling up and she couldn’t account for where the money was going. After getting a handle on the situation, starting a budget, and working Ramsey’s Baby Steps, she was able to pay off more than $100k in loans and other debts.

Her background in journalism and marriage, family, and human development has made her a great listener and guide to help others through their challenges. She leverages her coursework in family finance, accounting and personal learning in unique ways that help her clients. She loves to budget (maybe too much—is there such a thing??), plan for her financial future, and help others to do the same!

Lorianne can help you develop clarity and empowerment from telling your money where to go rather than wonder where it went and guide you on your path to peace and financial freedom!

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Julia Halverson

Julia is a Ramsey Certified Financial Master Coach who believes in working closely with her clients to develop a deep understanding of what they really need and want.

With personal experience in overcoming over $130k of student loan debt and coming out completely debt free, Julia is able to mindfully direct her clients down the path to financial freedom.  Although she was chronically ill for several years, Julia was able to use her skills of problem solving, perseverance, and optimism to heal herself.  This has given her a unique perspective and approach that is helpful in leading clients through their own difficult and trying circumstances.

Julia helps clients through these challenges by setting achievable goals that enables them to live their best life with financial stability.

Heidi Lundgren

Heidi is a Ramsey Certified Financial Master Coach who loves working with clients to help them overcome their financial fears and guide them to the life they want and deserve.

Heidi’s personal wake up call happened at the start of the pandemic. Economic uncertainty and over $500,000 in debt (not including the house) made her and her husband realize that the pandemic was a perfect time to take a break from “living their best life” and start attacking the debt since they couldn’t go anywhere to spend money. Having paid off over $370,000 since then has taught Heidi that what feels impossible can be achieved with discipline and perseverance.

Heidi’s desire is to help her clients feel the joy and freedom that she and her family are now feeling. Heidi holds both a BA in Psychology and an MBA.

Jainie Behling

Jainie has earned her doctorate degree in clinical psychology, master’s degree in counseling psychology and is a Ramsey Certified Financial Master Coach.  She and her family live in Southern California where she has developed the concern and passion to help others who also live in a difficult financial culture.

Jainie has offered psychological services in a clinical setting for nearly twenty years and has an intuitive ability to help people in their financial journey by considering behaviors and attitudes that have led to current financial decisions.

It is her desire to help you develop a financial plan by quickly identifying immediate and long-term financial goals, obvious and sometimes hidden obstacles, and to develop new habits that will lead to financial peace and a debt free life.

Jenny McCoy

Jenny holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and has been in education for nearly three decades. As a graduate of Financial Coach Master Training and a Ramsey Preferred Coach, she brings her unique perspective and experience to help her clients learn the principles of financial success and achieve their goals.

Jenny feels as if she’s lived many different financial lives: in debt, out of debt, struggling single parent, happily married and successful professional. Jenny has paid off all kinds of “normal” debt and wants to help others to have hope to do the same. She has a special passion for working with young professionals and pre-retirees to set themselves up for freedom and a life of choice.